This tutorial walks you through the steps to add a 1st and ending ending in Sibelius correctly so it plays back properly

Josh again with another tutorial.  This time we cover another Repeats video, and explain how to use DS al Coda and DC al Coda in Sibelius so they playback correctly.

This tutorial covers how to enter DS/DC al fine into Sibelius to playback correctly.  Be sure to watch til the end as we cover a bonus tip on how to get a Fine to stop in the middle of a measure!

Ever need to loop in Sibelius to work on certain sections of your score?  Sibelius Tutorials explains how you can easily set this up in Avid Sibelius using Manual Repeats Playback.  Enjoy!

This tutorial explains how to use the Start and End Repeat markings to affect the playback of your Sibelius score.