File Management on Windows

Ever struggle to find your Sibelius scores on your Windows computer?  Or you save a Housestyle or Manuscript, but cannot locate it on your computer because the locations are hidden on your operating system?  Let Sibelius be your guide with quick reference tutorials that will help you manage your Sibelius files with ease.  Below you will find all our videos that will help you manage your Sibelius files.

This tutorial explains how to get to Sibelius’s hidden folders and files on a Windows operating system.  This is useful when trying to access your saved Housestyles, Manuscripts, Plugins, and more!

In this video, we go into further detail into managing your files in Sibelius.  This video covers the Saving and Exporting section in the Preferences, and how you can customize where your files go when exporting or saving your scores, PDFs, Audio Files, etc.

In this video, we walk you through where Sibelius will save your scores by default on a Window computer.