About Sibelius Tutorials

Why Sibelius Tutorials?

Sibelius Tutorials was created for Sibelius users who want to improve their skills in Sibelius and share their own tips and advice.  At Sibelius Tutorials, you can freely watch our Sibelius Tutorials in a friendly controlled environment.  One free from bullying, trolling and other nonsense that we may find everyday in forums and social media sites.  You can focus on learning and growing as a Sibelius user with quick tutorials on specific features in Sibelius.  We  (Audio G and I) are working on creating a place you can login which we are hoping to have setup in early 2017.  Sibelius Tutorials plans on having their videos translated in multiple languages so everyone around the world can enjoy our material.  Please subscribe and join our community to receive free email updates when new videos are being released!

Who am I?

I’m Joshua Young, and thank you for your interest in getting to know me better. I graduated from Full Sail University Valedictorian for Recording Arts. While working in Sibelius support I was able to assist the customer with installing, activating, troubleshooting, composing, arranging, engraving, or just a teacher/professor trying to create worksheets. I like to be able to help a customer with the best method to aim towards achieving their goal. I want to be able to offer information from this software that I have learned and that i have found helpful and be able to break it down and make it user friendly.  These videos will be straight forward, and I will not be sharing what I ate earlier, or why my voice is raspy one day.  This I spare you of!